Personalised Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Crystal WhiskyGlass Set Gift Box 700ml 40% ABV

Personalised Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Glass Set Gift Box 700ml 40% ABV

Gift set Includes
  • Personalised Woodford Reserve Bourbon 700ml
  • Luigi Bormioli Bach Whisky Crystal Glass - 2 Pack
  • Gift Box

Woodford Reserve 40% 700ml

Woodford Reserve isn’t manufactured, it’s crafted in small batches. This artisanal process allows us to craft using all five sources of bourbon flavour giving it its distinct taste and crisp, clean finish.

The art of making fine bourbon first took place on the site of the Woodford Reserve Distillery, a National Historic Landmark, in 1812. The perfectly balanced taste of our Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is comprised of more than 200 detectable flavour notes, from bold grain and wood, to sweet aromatics, spice, and fruit & floral notes.

Luigi Bromioli Bach Whisky Crystal Glass - 2 Pack

This is a classy heavy whisky crystal glass, featuring unbeatable clarity, thick heavy base and a laser-cut fine rim that elevates your drinking experience. Each of these Old Fashioned-style glasses boasts a 355 ml capacity and are made from reinforced-Titanium crystal glass that resists breakage, chipping, and scratching. The large, thick walled, substantial, heavy glass is ideal for savoring whisky on the rocks.

This is a professional grade whisky glass which makes it the choice of top whisky and cocktail bars throughout Australia. Made in Italy.