Personalised The Other Wine Co. Barbera 2021 14.5% 750ML

Personalised The Other Wine Co. Barbera 2021 14.5% 750ML

The Other Wine Co. is a new venture that aims to make wines from the right grape, grown in the right place. That may sound obvious, but it's a principal honoured more "in the breach than the observance." Really good matches of variety and place take a long time to become established, but when they do, the proof is in the glass. The Other Wine Co. wines are entirely vinified and bottled at Shaw + Smith in Balhannah. The wines are "other" partly because they give the winemakers a chance to lay with varieties and regions that don't fit into Shaw + Smith. They are also an "other" perspective from so many wines that favour over-ripeness and oak instead of freshness and balance, and power over drinkability. These are made to drink and enjoy. That's it!

Variety: Barbera
Region: Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale & Riverland, South Australia
Winemaker: Martin Shaw & Adam Wadewitz