Personalised The Other Wine Co. Arinto 2021 13% 750ml

Personalised The Other Wine Co. Arinto 2021 13% 750ml

Hand harvested; a portion of the fruit spent two weeks fermenting as whole bunches in sealed fermenters before being pressed to old oak to finish the ferment. The balance of the fruit was cooled and gently whole bunch squeezed using a long slow champagne press cycle. This crisp pure juice was run off to old oak to ferment. The two parcels rested on fine lees before blending and being bottled.

The Other Wine Co. is a new venture that aims to make wines from the right grape, grown in the right place. That may sound obvious, but it's a principal honoured more "in the breach than the observance." Really good matches of variety and place take a long time to become established, but when they do, the proof is in the glass. The Other Wine Co. wines are entirely vinified and bottled at Shaw + Smith in Balhannah. The wines are "other" partly because they give the winemakers a chance to lay with varieties and regions that don't fit into Shaw + Smith. They are also an "other" perspective from so many wines that favour over-ripeness and oak instead of freshness and balance, and power over drinkability. These are made to drink and enjoy. That's it!

Variety: Arinto
Region: Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale & Riverland, South Australia
Winemaker: Martin Shaw & Adam Wadewitz