Personalised Glenmorangie The Lasanta 12 YO Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 43% 700ml

Personalised Glenmorangie The Lasanta Single Malt Scotch Whisky 43% 700ml

Glenmorangie distillery lies just north of Tain, on the wind-swept coastline of Easter Ross. The distillery has only sixteen distillery workers – two for each of its eight stills. These stills are the tallest found in the Highlands, of the same design as those used in the 1880’s which were actually second-hand gin stills. Their height means that only the purest vapours reach their necks and condense. The owners Macdonald and Muir take great care in cask selection, using US oak from the Osark mountains. The ‘designer hogsheads’ which they began to use in 1995 (when the charming Mr Bill Lumsden arrived at the company) are now showing dividends in the wonderful Artisan Cask. They also use a hard water source, which is unusual.

Elegant but full bodied this whisky has spent ten years maturing in American white oak ex-bourbon casks before being extra-matured for a further two years in Oloroso and PX Sherry casks from Jerez in Spain. Lasanta is Gaelic for warmth and passion, a reminder not just of the Spanish provenance of these Oloroso sherry butts, but also a reflection of this expressions lusciously soft texture and deep, enticingly sweet aroma. Non chill-filtered for additional aroma and mouth-feel.