Personalised 42 Degrees South Chardonnay 2021 13.5% 750ml

Personalised  42 Degrees South Chardonnay 2021 13.5% 750ml

De-stemmed and crushed into press. De-juiced with only slight pressure prior to cold-settling overnight. Racked into a stainless steel tank for inoculated ferment, controlled at 18-20°C. Kept on ferment lees for eight weeks to fill palate structure, then cold stabilised before filtration.

42°S is the central latitude of Tasmania and reflects the position in which we craft fruit-driven wines from grapes sourced throughout our island state. Each vintage our winemakers select premium parcels of cool-climate fruit from several of Tasmania's unique viticultural sub-regions. Each area performs differently to climatic variations over the vintages; this wide-ranging scope in grape supply allows us to make truly outstanding Tasmanian cool-climate wines every year.

Variety: Chardonnay
Region: Coal River Valley, Tasmania
Winemaker: Alain Rousseau & John Bown