Personalised Lark Distillery Rum & PX Sherry Cask Boxed 53.5% 100ml

Personalised Lark Distillery Rum & PX Sherry Cask Boxed 53.5% 100ml

LARK RUM & PX SHERRY CASK SINGLE MALT WHISKY 100ml 53.5% Inspired by one of the greatest flavor pairings of all time, Rum and Raisin, this unique single malt will have you daydreaming of shipwrecks on remote sun-swept islands in no time. Casks of ex-Bourbon, ex-Sherry and White Oak were chosen from our Bothwell Distillery to form a bright and luscious fruit-filled base, which was finished in equal parts ex-Seppeltsfield PX Sherry and ex-Lark Quiet Cannon Rum casks. This duo of cask favourites sees surprising notes of dried papaya and Quiet Cannon rum collide with deep forest fruits, cherries, and plum pudding before finally giving way to an incredibly fresh and complex finish. Our Limited Release Rum & PX Sherry is a classic reimagined. NOSE: Fresh mango, toasted pineapple, orange, vanilla and tangerines. Luscious and fruity. PALATE: Peaches, apricot, even more mango, and sweet Tasmanian apples dipped in toffee. FINISH: Fresh fruit and citrus. This whisky has length, poise and balance.

Varietal: Whiskey

Region: Tasmania